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My daughter was my best friend. She was my first born. To say good bye to a child is difficult. Many-many days, I just wanted to wake up from this horrible dream.

If you have purchased my book, can you please write a review. Let me know if it helped you and in what way.

After a number of years, a friend asks me to go for a day of scrapbooking. It was a fund raiser for the heart and stroke. Thank God I went. I got back into doing what I love. I met many new friends.  Soon I was joining other scrapbooking groups and have made a lot of wonderful new friends. I have taken on a large project, scrapbooking, the life and history of my and Ken’s families for each of my grandchildren.


Today is another hard day. Lorraine and John’s anniversary is coming up on the 30th of October. Lorraine is missing out on so many things. She loved John and her babies more then life. Now she is not here to enjoy all the blessings and rewards. John has done an awesome job with B and Ab’s. Lorraine would be so proud. After almost 14 years, I still don’t understand why she had to go. I miss Lorraine so much. Each Day I am so thankful for my Son Dan. He and my grandchildren make my life worth living.
I will keep busy, busy, busy as that is the only way I get through these rough days. Maybe some prayers will help as well.

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